Apple Macintosh G4 MDD Clock


Shipping to United States: Free

This is a clock made from a recycled front panel of an Apple Macintosh G4 MD ("Mirrored Drive Door") computer.

The G4 "Mirrored Drive Door" models were also known as "Wind Tunnel" Macs, for their distinctive air inlets on the front of the computer, which drew massive amounts of air over the heat sink for the very hot-running G4 processor. The other feature of this model that drew a lot of attention was the dual-mirrored-door design on the front.

That design serves this clock well, letting it double as a clock AND a makeshift mirror! The doors are in excellent shape, with only a very minor scratch around the area of the old power switch, which has been removed to allow placement of the clock.

Isn't it "time" to pick up a unique item that any Mac owner would love?

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